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FREE Webinar's from 8 pm until 830 pm

Wednesday August 19th and Wednesday August 26th 2020

Join The Conversations About The Power Of Increased Levels of Glutathione In Your Body that helps support your overall health all in the comfort of your own home by requesting to join us on one of our webinars.

Come learn about this powerful antioxidant that our body naturally produces. Glutathione is becoming a topic of conversation among many doctors around the world, including the US and Canada.

Now back in the full swing of our busy schedules, and that means more stress-and less sleep! You need good health and energy to get moving! If you like to reclaim your day-to-day life and increase your energy for travel-and for life, join us and listen to Bob Menard's short talk about how Max International, the Glutathione Company, can help.

Bob and Brenda will both be on hand to share their stories about the Max International products that changed their lives. "It wasn't until someone kindly shared their story with us that we learned about the benefits of Glutathione, " says Brenda. The change in my energy level was significant, as was the improvement in my sleep and concentration. We made it our mission to share our stories so that others can discover these benefits for themselves. Max International products are available exclusively through independant associates like Bob and Brenda and you can ask them on how you can enjoy all the benefits as well.

Call today! 613-831-4690, email me at or text 613 552 7900 and we will help Guide you on how you can join us at one of these webinars.

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